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The advantages of creating an SCI

The advantages of creating an SCI

The SCI is an interesting company system in France, if you want to protect your professional or personal real estate assets. The different advantages of the SCI are as follows:


- Protect your assets : in the event of legal proceedings or transfer, the property is protected and the shares are easily transferred to others. This avoids the risks of joint ownership which often leads to the sale of the property.


- Ensure land income , while deducting charges, particularly loan interest. The net profit therefore constitutes, once the loan has been repaid, additional taxable income.

- benefit from tax advantages such as:

* Deduction of charges,

* possibility of deducting VAT.

* Possibility of deducting acquisition costs (if option for corporate tax)
* Reduction for holding period in the event of sale



- Transfer with peace of mind , when the property is given between living people or in the form of inheritance, it is a transfer of shares, which gives the right to a reduction. As a result, the value of this transmission as well as the taxes to be paid are reduced.




To create an SCI there must be at least two partners. Major or minor person. One or more managers may be appointed.


How to create an SCI:

  • To create an SCI, it will first be necessary to write the legal file "Statuts"
  • Have them signed by all partners
  • Write and publish the legal notice
  • Complete all legal procedures with the commercial court registry in order to obtain the company's registration certificate "Kbis". You also have the option of delegating this task to a professional or using our online service to create your SCI.
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