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The advantages and disadvantages of micro-enterprise status

The advantages and disadvantages of micro-enterprise status

You have decided to embark on your entrepreneurial adventure. But you still hesitate to create your micro-enterprise? This article is for you.

The micro enterprise regime appeals to many entrepreneurs because of its simplicity, whether in terms of creation or management. So as not to mislead you, we have collected for you the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of society in France.


Advantages :

  • Simplified accounting obligations: You can declare your revenus on the Urssaf portal monthly or quarterly.
  • No VAT to declare (unless your revenus exceeds €94,300 if you have a commercial activity or €36,500 if you have a service activity or a liberal profession.


The inconvenients :

    • It is not possible to recover VAT on purchases (unless the VAT thresholds are exceeded as indicated above).
    • Your annual revenu must not exceed €176,200 for commercial activities And €72,600 for services activities or a liberal profession.
    • Social security contributions are calculated based on your revenu and not your net profit
    • To validate a single quarter of retirement you need a minimum revenu :
      => commercial : €4,137
      => Services: €2,412

This plan is therefore not recommended if you have a lot of purschaes to make or if you want to grow quickly.

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